Playing Options

Playing Options

We play 6 chukker practice polo but will accommodate members for 4 chukkers. The season runs from May 23rd – September 23rd 2018. Practices are held every Wednesday and Friday at 4:30 pm and match games are Sundays at 3pm. Priority is given to full seasonal members for our Sunday match games and those that confirm by the preceding Friday at 5 pm. Our arena was completed and will be an option for play when the field is too wet.

Non Members

• Daily chukker rate for practice – $30
• Sunday games – $400 for 6 chukkers, $300 for 4 chukkers (available only if we can field 8 positions)


Tournaments – $1,000 / team (except NYTS), limited to 4 teams. Guaranteed 2 games. All tournaments will run in 4 chukker format except where stated otherwise.


This year we are offering several types of membership:
• Full season membership: $3,250 – Under 18 years old: $2,750
• Practice membership: $2,500
-Includes practices 2 times per week
(Wednesday & Friday) & first rights on Sunday games vs. non-members.
• Coaching Chukkers-Patriot League: $1,000
-Hosted Thursday evenings at 5:00 pm (or $100 / session) Non Members

We are excited to announce that we will be working with Cedar View Polo Club in Somers, CT. We will alternate Wednesday practices and Thurday coaching chukkers, playing at Cedar View’s facility once a week. The first Wednesday practice will be May 30th and the first coaching chukkers will be June 7th.

Current Scheduled Tournaments

June 22 & 24: Jimmy Bachman Memorial – 2-4 goal handicap, non-USPA. 5 goalers and below eligible to play.

June 29 & 30: NYTS. National Youth Tournament Series. USPA Circuit Event.

July 20 & 21: Pink Ribbon Cup – USPA Northeastern Circuit Women’s Challenge – 8-10 goal handicap. Hosted by Susan B. Komen Foundation of New England.

August 24 & 26: George Haas Windswept Trophy – 2-4 goal handicap, non-USPA. 5 goalers and below eligible to play.