Polo Etiquette

Polo matches in the U.S. are attended by people from many walks of life, and can be casual affairs. At Farmington, polo is a family friendly event. We encourage you to bring your children, lawn chairs, and tailgating food and beverages to our matches. Above all else, the most important thing to bring is your enthusiasm for the game. Fan interaction is encouraged, although basic courtesy and respect for players is required at all events.


“Stand out. …
Make a fashion statement…
Wear lots of color or a big beautiful hat…”
“I don’t design clothes, I design Dreams” – Ralph Lauren

Almost any style of attire is acceptable at a polo match. The key is to be comfortable for the weather conditions, which may change in the course of just 2 hours. Certain matches or tournaments, particularly championship games or charity events, may call for a more formal outfit. For ladies, slacks, jeans, skirts and sundresses are the norm.  Men often wear a polo or button down shirt.

❖ Wear comfortable shoes. The field is large (almost 10 acres) so you may have to walk a bit, flat or wedge-heeled shoes are your best option; high heels are not recommended, as your heels will sink into the turf, making walking difficult.

❖ All spectators are encouraged to participate in the Divot Stomp during half time.

❖ Bring binoculars. Sometimes it may be difficult to see close in on the action.

❖ Bring layers just in case it gets chilly or windy. Don’t forget SPF and sun protection.

❖ Don’t overthink it. Dress classy, dressy-casual, but don’t think you need to wear an extravagant dress and a big matching hat.


★ Umbrellas of any sort (rain, parasols, etc.) need to be safe and secure with you so they don’t blow away and spook the horses or cause harm.

★ Parents. Please supervise your children. Polo is non-stop action and the play is very fast and can be close to and even over the side-boards. All spectators must pay attention at all times.

★ Please keep your dogs on a leash. Make sure they have access to water, especially on a hot, sunny day.

★Divot Stomp: A classic polo tradition. Spectators are encouraged to walk out onto the field during halftime to stomp down any turf that the ponies kicked up during the game. Stomping down the divots is extremely helpful to the players and their mounts. This is a great social opportunity and also a good way to flaunt your fashion statements.

★ Tailgating: Tailgating is always a fun part of coming to watch a polo game. Bring your own picnic and make it a bright and colorful sight. If you do not have the time or supplies to have your own tailgating picnic, we can provide catering through The Farmington Club.